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Healthy Ageing APAC Summit 2018

Thank you for meeting us at Healthy Ageing APAC Summit!

Thank you very much for taking time to visit the AstaReal booth during the Healthy Ageing APAC Summit in Singapore last month! We were delighted to meet you face to face, to discuss with you how the nutrition and food industry can meet the needs of the rapidly ageing populations, and share the research news about AstaReal® astaxanthin with you.

AstaReal booth & staffs

AstaReal Seminar Report
Innovation in Healthy Ageing: How research and new product development can fuel growth

Today’s rapidly ageing Asia-Pacific population is radically different to that of our forefathers. Its nutritional demands have changed dramatically over time, creating a new and rapidly growing healthy ageing marketplace, rich in commercial opportunities. Vincent showed how rigorous innovation and robust new product development can open up those opportunities for companies prepared to invest and commit to excellence.
He also discussed the relevance of healthy ageing for various age groups from a "healthspan" perspective. He highlighted mobility as a common health concern across different generations, and this has sparked great interest in AstaReal® astaxanthin among businesses, academics and policymakers attending the event.
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Healthy Ageing Infographics

Eye health

Why do human eyes age?
What are the symptoms of ageing eyes?
What are the preventive measures?
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Brain health

Did you know that brain cells do not age?
Then what causes the decline of cognitive abilities as we age?
How we can prevent this decline?
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Joint, bone, muscle health

Muscle degeneration starts slowly from our thirties and accelerates in our seventies and beyond. Many people accept that age-related muscle loss and reduced mobility are inevitable. But is that true?
Joint    Bone    Muscle

Skin health

Did you know that exposure to UV rays is the main cause of skin ageing? Understanding the mechanism can show us how to delay the progression of skin ageing.
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AstaReal Celebrates 30 years of
         Research & Innovation

AstaReal 30 Years of Research

The AstaReal Group, global pioneer and leader in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D and clinical science, celebrates 30th years of research and innovation in 2018.
As part of the Fuji Chemical Group of Japan, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical solutions since 1946, we utilize over 70 years of pharmaceutical expertise in the formulation and production of our ingredients.
AstaReal pioneered the world's first commercial production of natural astaxanthin from the freshwater microalga H. pluvialis. With our unique ultra-clean indoor photobioreactor technology, we provide the market with high quality natural astaxanthin produced in Sweden, the USA and Japan.