What We Do

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Global healthcare costs for treating lifestyle diseases and its comorbid disorders are becoming a critical problem which has tremendous social and financial repercussions. Lifestyle diseases are difficult to treat with even the most advanced technology and clinically tested medications. In fact, standard healthcare modus operandi is struggling to provide concrete solutions to these problems. AstaReal Group believes that modern societies need to switch from just treating diseases and their correlated symptoms to a new healthcare strategy: (1) the centralization of preventive medicine as a way to eradicate the root of any lifestyle disease; (2) the implementation of alternative medicine in the form of functional nutrients as a way to provide a gentler and more natural way to address chronic health conditions; and final (3) the practice of complementing chronic treatment of patients with clinically safe and proven nutrients in addition to standard medications.

Rewarding People’s Effort to Feel Better

It is well-known that good diet, exercise, low stress and sound sleep are the gold standards and therefore must become the primary strategy for preventing lifestyle diseases and premature signs of aging. The AstaReal Group has been investing a great number of resources to develop breakthrough solutions which contribute to (1) healthy aging, (2) to the reversal of chronic health conditions and (3) to facilitate recovery in patients living with painful symptoms. We want to make communities healthier and happier by rewarding peoples’ efforts to improve their lifestyle with quicker and better results.

Unlocked in Nature’s Red - A Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule

For those reasons, over twenty years ago, we started to investigate the crucial factors that promote healthy aging. In our extensive search for a key nutrient, we unlocked a very unique nutrigenomic molecule called Natural Astaxanthin, often referred as the King of Antioxidants since it is literally hundreds of times more potent than most antioxidants in nature. Astaxanthin is such as powerful nutrient because it (1) preserves the integrity of the cellular energy system through mitochondria-target-action and (2) facilitates intercellular exchanges by boosting cellular membranes resilience. This is crucial because advanced research in the field of anti-aging science has shown that the preservation of mitochondria and cellular membranes functioning are key factors for the prevention of systemic inflammation, which is considered the root cause of most lifestyle and degenerative diseases like diabetes, sarcopenia and dementia. For those reasons, natural astaxanthin has great potentials to improve social wellness proven by the many clinical studies and health professional’s endorsement worldwide.

Making the World Healthier with Natural Astaxanthin

The AstaReal Group is a global pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D and clinical science. As a global leader in the market, we recognize our responsibility to educate the world about natural astaxanthin’s outstanding benefits for human health, in addition, to set the highest standards of quality and purity. Being older does not mean becoming sicker and weaker! Adding natural astaxanthin to a healthy lifestyle will be the new paradigm for preservation throughout the years of our core vitality, intelligence and physical strength.