Reducing both Mental and Physical Fatigue

Astaxanthin helps you to stay sharp and energetic during the working day, by reducing the loss of concentration and enhancing stamina. Astaxanthin, for its strong antioxidative effect and its ability to cross the brain blood barrier, protects both brain and muscle from damage by ROS (reactive oxygen species.)
Everyone requires not only physical endurance for their daily lives, but also the mental endurance needed for sustained concentration, decision making, memory, and motivation.

The anti-fatigue benefits of natural astaxanthin were examined in the most comprehensive study to date in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, individuals were treated with AstaReal® natural algae astaxanthin for eight weeks (12mg/daily). The study was designed to induce fatigue and stress, similar to that encountered in daily life. For the mental challenge, individuals were subjected to a battery of timed calculations (the Uchida-Kraepelin test) – a test requiring intense concentration. The physical component was performed using a bicycle ergometer. The result showed that AstaReal® astaxanthin significantly reduced perceived symptoms of mental and physical fatigue compared to the placebo. These included improvements in clarity of thinking, concentration, motivation, and mood. Irritation and feeling of body heaviness were reduced. In the calculation test, an increase in errors observed in the placebo during the second half of the test was almost eliminated in the astaxanthin group. Additionally, salivary cortisol (a stress biomarker) was significantly reduced. These changes signify the reduction of mental stress in participants.

Mental fatigue occurs when our brains are worn-out by excessive information, lack of sleep, mental stress and prolonged periods of cognitive activity. Astaxanthin exhibits neuroprotective properties through three mechanisms; anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic – reducing brain fatigue.

These same effects also work to protect our muscles from damage by ROS (reactive oxygen species), while also helping to boost muscle endurance & recovery, and prevent muscle atrophy due to age. Finally, by protecting the mitochondria within our cells and promoting mitogenesis, we also have more energy to move and think!

Tackling Fatigue Head On

As we go about our daily lives, we are exposed to many sources of mental and physical fatigue. At first, this causes acute fatigue which inflicts short-term, detrimental effects upon us. As acute fatigue accumulates, we suffer from a snowballing accumulation of stress and fatigue that, at best, makes life a lot harder, and at worst, has serious consequences for both health and life.

Natural astaxanthin fights both acute physical and mental fatigue - boosting recovery from stress, reducing feelings of fatigue and irritation, improving mood and giving you the ability to take the world in your stride. By helping your body to tackle the effects of acute fatigue at an early stage, you can avoid the deleterious effects of chronic fatigue and enjoy life more.

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