Muscle Endurance

Performance and Muscle Function

More than ever, people nowadays enjoy a wide variety of sport activities to maintain a healthy body weight and circulatory system. From lifestyle changers to elite athletes, fastidious training may not always bring desired results. Some may experience performance slumps or a decline of endurance. Specialized nutritional support is recognized to support physical performance in many ways. From isotonic drinks to protein and carbohydrates, natural astaxanthin nutritionally completes the demands of a physically active lifestyle.

During our physical activity, we require energy to move our body. And all energy we need are generated by mitochondrial cells, often referred to as the “power stations of the cell”, which provide as much as 95% of our body’s pure energy (primarily by the burning of muscle glycogen and fatty acids). Unfortunately, a portion of this energy produces highly reactive and damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is the one of major factors to deteriorate our body. ROS leads the cause of cell damage by peroxidation of the cell membrane components, and oxidation of DNA and proteins. What we found from numerous studies and research, ROS also caused the inflammation of muscle tiredness and soreness. Improving your muscle performance and increasing its endurance are required to protect your physical condition from ROS damaging. In recent years, much attention was paid to the suppression of oxidative reaction by food with antioxidant. Vitamin C and vitamin E have been widely used as popular elements against oxidative stress now.

The most powerful antioxidant in the carotenoid group, Astaxanthin, provides a variety of benefits to the muscle function such as improvement of physical performance, lower muscle damage and the quality of blood.

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