Show Report: Food Ingredients Vietnam 2018

May 16, 2018 - 18 (Fri)

AstaReal exhibited at Food Ingredients Vietnam, 16th-18th of May at the SECC (Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
AstaReal exhibited at Food Ingredients Vietnam, 16th-18th of May at the SECC (Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The bi-annual exhibition Fi Vietnam is the only dedicated food and drink exhibition in Vietnam, offering industry professionals a great platform with which to be a part of this growing market.
The increasing popularity of this event reflects the growing prosperity and increasing health consciousness of the Vietnamese people.

Product Showcase
This year, AstaReal showcased CWS25, a cold water soluble powder containing 2.5% natural astaxanthin, which has been designed for use in functional powdered drinks and foods. Since launching this product last year, CWS25 has received great interest in the United States & Asia, with many manufacturers utilizing it for the development of new powder drinks and powdered supplements—to functionalize their products with the scientifically-backed benefits of natural astaxanthin.

AstaReal® CWS25 has drastically improved solubility, odor and taste compared with other products, and dissolves in cold water in just 30 seconds! It is stable across a wide pH range, and offers unsurpassed taste & flavor compatibility, providing manufacturers with a simple and effective solution for a broad range of product applications. CWS25 helps to diversify product formats, including powder type drinks, soups, smoothies, and supplements, as well as hard shell capsules and effervescent products.

Visitors, primarily from the functional food & beverages industry, who came to the AstaReal booth were able to taste CWS25 and judge its taste compatibility and rapid dissolution for themselves.

Health Benefits Seminars
During the exhibition we held two seminars which focused on the strong science supporting natural astaxanthin's benefits for human health:

“Nutritional Supplementation for Smart Phone Guard: Natural Algae Astaxanthin” by Mizuki Matsuura
“Nutritional Supplementation for Healthy Skin: Natural Astaxanthin” by Dr. Jörg Schnackenberg
Fi Asia Post Show Report 5

Our nutritional health seminars focused on eye health for smart phone users and nutrition for healthy skin. Both seminars targeted benefits which appeal to people in their 30's, as this age group is currently driving consumption in Vietnam, which has a growing market for premium value products.

This was another successful show, and we look forward to seeing you there in 2020!

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