AstaReal at the 10th A4M Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine in Thailand (Bangkok, Sept. 12th–14th)

Sep 12, 2018 - 14 (Fri) - Bangkok

A4M2018 1
As gold sponsor, AstaReal Singapore attended with a booth to promote our retail product ACT. As an event dedicated to anti-aging, with lectures about a range of aging related issues, including skin problems, we supported the event with a booth and by sponsoring an entire symposium which was dedicated to astaxanthin’s benefits in the field of anti-ageing and skin care.
Furthermore, Dr. Robert Corish, one of the world’s medical experts on the antioxidant astaxanthin, kindly gave a keynote lecture to the congress on strategies to overcome physical and mental fatigue associated with aging.

His keynote lecture was well received, and after a lively Q&A session we were off to the AstaReal Symposium, where Dr. Bheerathida Rattakul delivered an exciting lecture on the newest findings about the benefits which natural astaxanthin has for skin health and beauty.

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The symposium was concluded with another excellent lecture from Dr. Corish, explaining the complex processes involved in the age-related decline in muscle strength that can lead to sarcopenia & immobility. His report also gave hope to affected patients, by showing how the combination of moderate exercise, a balanced diet and the regular intake of astaxanthin can halt, and even reverse, the physical decline.

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Following the symposium, our booth was well frequented by visitors eager to learn more about AstaReal® Astaxanthin. The A4M meeting also provided an ideal opportunity to meet existing and potential customers and discuss future projects.