Bulk Ingredients for Asia-Pacific & Oceania

AstaReal® astaxanthin, extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis fresh-water microalgae, is offered in a variety of grades to match specific product forms, therapeutic applications or lifestyle trends required for the nutritional, food, and personal care industry. Thanks to more than 50 years of pharmaceutical R&D and state of the art cultivation technology, AstaReal® offers the highest conformance levels in quality, stability, potency and purity of natural astaxanthin from microalgae. Since the efficacy and safety of AstaReal® astaxanthin has been investigated in a large number of clinical studies, this ingredient can add distinctive advantages to any complementary, preventive or anti-aging formulations.

AstaReal Co., Ltd. is responsible for bulk sales in Asia, the Pacific and Oceania.  For more information about the bulk products below, please contact us.


AstaReal® Oil Extract

Standardized high quality oleoresin produced by using a state of the art extraction technology.
AstaReal® Oil Extract is ideal for blending and easy to handle for soft capsule production.



AstaReal® Powder Extract

Directly compressible, free flowing and water dispersible powder-extract produced by using a state of the art and in-house oil to powder technology. AstaReal® Powder Extract is a botanical formula and free of the major allergens as identified by the US FDA; therefore it is ideal for vegetarians and consumers prone to allergic reactions.


Bulk watersoluble

AstaReal® Water Soluble

A ready-to-use water soluble astaxanthin emulsion with high heat stability, high clarity and a wide pH range and good taste compatibility with other ingredients. AstaReal® Water Soluble is ideal to functionalize beverages, liquid nutraceutical supplements or similar aqueous application.


Bulk beadlet

AstaReal® Water Dispersible Beadlets

AstaReal® Water dispersible beadlets is a standardized astaxanthin extract encapsulated in free flowing beadlets that are cold water dispersible (CWD). It is ideal for powdered functional beverage formulations and dissolves in cold water in less than one minute. It has excellent flavor compatibility with a wide range of beverages, allowing you to add the power of natural astaxanthin to the drink of your choice.


Bulk cosmetic

AstaTROL® Cosmetics

Low-odor oil specifically designed for personal care and cosmetic products. AstaTROL® Cosmetics is ideal for anti-aging creams and UV-protection lotions.


For more information about bulk products in the Asia-Pacific & Oceania (APO) region, please contact us.

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