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Retail astavita 

Born from 30 years of research & innovation in natural astaxanthin, Astavita products are optimally formulated to meet the needs of those who wish to pursue improved sports performance or stay active through healthy aging.


Retail astaxin

Originally developed in Sweden in 1995 to provide strong antioxidant protection, Astaxin was the world’s first astaxanthin health supplement. It was has been successfully sold throughout Europe to support both active lifestyles and immune function.


Retail AstaRealAct

Dietary supplements specially formulated to address the needs of physicians for the health management of their patients thanks to the synergistic benefits of AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin, vitamin E and tocotrienol.


Retail Astarism

Designed to be used in combination with our natural astaxanthin dietary supplements, Astarism also contains AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin. Our patented formulation allows Astarism to penetrate into all layers of the skin to boost your skin's natural regeneration process. Add Astarism to your daily skin care routine to maintain healthy, ageless skin.